Hideyo Blackmoon and Ingmar Hansch - Music For The Inner Journey

Hideyo Blackmoon, born in Japan and based in Ibiza, is an internationally recognized female electronic composer, producer, vocalist, DJ, Deeksha giver. She started her professional music career in the late 90's, has been influenced by club culture, outdoor festivals, the new age scene. She has been traveling and performing around the globe for a decade, and has been influenced by energy workers, healers and yogis, enabling her to combine her electric music skill with healing art.

Ingmar Hansch based on Ibiza is since the 90's a professional producer and composer started his carrer for Logic Records in the 90s and helped building up the Cafe Del Mar series included songs from him from number 3 till number 6. He is a licensed psychotherapist with focus on cognitive behavioral therapy. This influenced him to produce therapeutic music easing stress related topics from the listener.