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Ingmar Hansch »

Born in Leipzig in 1971, Ingmar has worked in the music business since 1993 as an engineer and music producer for Logic Records-BMG. He moved to Ibiza in 2000, where he and some friends founded a record label called Open Mind Music / OMM Sounds

Connected with La Casita Verde and the Greenheart Movement in February 2003 he is now managing director and producer for Greenheart Music.

Greenheart Music releases music where 40% of the proceeds are reinvested through the "Foundation For Future" and the "CCI" into ecological projects worldwide. More »

Laura Rose »

A native of Denver, Colorado, Laura spent her college years backpacking through the Rocky Mountains, learning to love and appreciate the magnificence of the world’s natural beauty. After earning a degree at the University of Colorado, she moved to San Francisco in order to be closer to the Pacific Ocean and the splendors of the California coast. There, she began a career in international education and became the national director of one of the United States' largest student exchange organizations, where she worked for several years. Believing that it was essential for her personal growth and career path to live abroad and experience other languages and cultures first-hand, Laura moved to Madrid, Spain in 1991 where she became the Vice President of the Centre for Cultural Interchange.

In 1995 she married Emanuel Kuntzelman and in the same year, they co-founded the Foundation for the Future in Madrid, to further promote international understanding and awareness of environmental needs.

Through her work with CCI and the Foundation, Laura hopes to make a contribution to raising cultural and environmental awareness, while working in co-operation with like-minded people who share her dreams. More »

Emanuel Kuntzelman »

Since his days as a university student in the 1970s, Emanuel has endeavored to model his life as a citizen of the world and do his part to help ward off the perils facing our society. Born in the United States, he studied first at Tulane in New Orleans and then at the Sorbonne in Paris, at which time he took the decision to reside permanently in Europe. Inspired by a university professor's lecture that illustrated the world's current political and environmental situation as the most serious crisis since the appearance of human kind, Emanuel decided to spend his life directing his energies towards the promotion of understanding between different cultures and to raising consciousness about environmental concerns.

In 1985, he founded the Centre for Cultural Interchange, a not-for-profit student exchange organization that annually receives several thousand high school and university age participants into Spain and the U.S., from over 50 countries world-wide.

In 1995, he and his wife Laura, established the Foundation for the Future in Spain, with the aim to further promote global cultural and ecological activities. In addition to his work with these foundations, Emanuel is also a writer, lecturer and spiritual seeker. He is currently working on a book about the evolution of consciousness, which he hopes will contribute to a transformation in human thinking towards a more spiritual and compassionate world outlook. More »


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