Do you wish to transmit

your ecological awarness

to your clients?

We will create together with you a finished product reflecting your new ecologic business model. We are specialised in taking care of the composition, licensing, contracts and all legal and creative affairs concerning the music.

We support "Ibiza Fenix". Use this link to download music to enjoy.

Here are some tools you can use to reach your customers and clients.

Music for your Apps - Telecommunication »

The "Telecommunication" markt is big and steady growing, especially with young people between ages 8 and 25 who are using the new technologies in an everyday mobile lifestyle. We will help you to license an existing song or compose and produce new songs to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Apps for iPhone, Androids and other OS are the future market to stay in touch with your clients, fans or costumers. We care for the environment and promote a "possibility" of ecologic and economic evolution far from extreme. Promote your new "more ecological" products together with us. More »

Music for your Multi Media clips »

Music is essential for a great video presentation. TV-trailers, YouTube videos, exhibitions and many

Tv Advertisement, YouTube videos, multi-media presentations; you name it. Big companies have trusted us and utilized music from us to push their products.

Here are some examples of our work: - Vodafone

Levitation "Out Of Time"

More »

Audio CD's - the classic way of promotion »

CD-Roms, Multimedia CD's, Software CD''s, Audio CD's. There are many formats to reach your target market. These CD's can include your promotional information inside the booklet, a video presenting your vision and the music from us leaving a lasting impression.

We have manufactured more than 35.000 music CD's for 10 different products.

Our back catalog includes all major music styles, ranging from Acoustic to Rock, Pop and Electronic. We will help you create a selection of songs to fit to your audience.

Our songs and tunes are released on more than 100 compilations and albums small small and major companies, like Sony Records, Virgin Music, EMI, Universal Music, Café Del Mar and many more.

There are many different package models to choose from:

Data Carriers - USB Sticks with your presentation»

USB-sticks are the perfect gift and act as a professional business card with you company presentation. More »

Music is one of the strongest promotional tools. Present together with your cooperate identity and include further information about your product on a USB-Stick.

Or offering free downloads of songs; there are many possibilities to leave a strong impression in this "digital" world.


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