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Fundacion Por El Futuro »

The principal objective of the Foundation is the improvement of human understanding between different social sectors, generating fraternity and solidarity, especially between young people inside and outside Spain.

The Foundation promotes the participation of young people in social volunteer work, with special interest in those living in developed countries, who can share their knowledge to help others; extending the idea of brotherhood through co-existence and the experience of different life-styles.

Through the organization of educational activities in the form of trips, meetings, seminars and conferences, the Foundation for the Future unites people from different environments. These activities are carried out under the supervision of a caring staff and team of dedicated volunteers, with the intention of helping the groups. More »

Center For Cultural Interchange »

Established in 1985, CCI is a non-profit international education exchange organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding, academic development and world peace. CCI is recognized by the U.S. Department of State as an official exchange visit program sponsor. Based in Chicago, Illinois, CCI organizes high school exchange, short-term group homestay, internship, work & travel, and language study programs in the United States and in over 30 countries around the world.

CCI has opportunities for individuals living in the United States to become Area Representatives. As an Area Representative, you have the opportunity to change the world by bringing cultural exchange to your community.

Each year, CCI provides over 1,000 international students the rare opportunity to live with American families all across the U.S. CCI Host Families represent the diversity of American culture. More »

Casita Verde »

Situated in a beautiful valley near the village of San Jose in Ibiza, La Casita Verde (the Little Green House) is a model ecological centre that is operated by volunteers and open to the public on Sundays. Here you can see in a direct and amusing form that a more sustainable way of life is within reach of every one of us. More »

Ecotourism »

The International Ecotourism Society defines Ecotourism as: "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people". Ibiza traditionally has the reputation as the 'island of hedonism', with tourists spending their holiday at clubs and parties. However, there exists an alternative style of tourism that generates income for local businesses and the tourist industry outside of the busiest tourist period. This new tourism concept improves the international image of Ibiza, and shows that tourism can have a more positive impact which is respectful to both the host population and to the local environment.
What is the Greenheart Ecotourism Project?
The Greenheart Ecotourism project makes use of existing hotel and camping facilities in the mid and off-peak seasons in Ibiza. It provides tourists with a range of activities centred around exploring the island's uniquely beautiful landscapes and beaches, visiting local organic farms and eco-businesses, sessions of Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi, and musical events to experience local culture. More »


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